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Oh trust me, I've been there...

We all have a story and mine started from the moment I opened my brown eyes. My childhood was not necessarily the easiest. I grew up with a mother who mentally, emotionally and physically abused my brothers and I. My father was absent the majority of the time working hard in the military, which lead me to move every year or so. My coping skills kept me in survival mode and I eventually ended up in a gang, jail, pregnant at 17, married, divorced, a drop-out, losing one brother to suicide, the other in jail, and then watching my mother take her final breath as she died of cancer. Looking back, I was programmed to survive not thrive. What happened from here, changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine.

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Rebuild Your Confidence.

Have you ever felt like you couldn't speak up at work or in your relationships? If so, it looks like we have a lot in common. My work here is to help you become confidently and unapologetically you.


Relieve Your Anxiety.

During the midst of my adversities, my mental wellbeing was impacted by the stress of my environment. Training my body and mind to stay calm under the pressure allowed me breakthrough before I broke down.


Clarify What's Next For You In Life.

It can be so hard to see the big picture or the next step when you're the one in the frame. Let me help you get clear on what you really want and strategize what needs to happen in order to get you there the fastest.

What I Do

When I realized I was the only one responsible for creating my own life and stopped making excuses for my downfalls, I was able to start making changes. As I took baby-steps to work on myself and the world inside of me, the world outside of me started to take shape as well. I realized that becoming the most confident version of myself influenced every single other aspect of my life including my health, relationships, performance at work and finances. Here is how it all works...

1-on-1 Coaching

I teach people not to search for happiness but to BE happy no matter what they're going through. I have a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and am a Certified Master Life Coach, trained in many research-based models of how to impact, enhance and create a path for your life’s journey, and make your potential limitless in this world. I do this by creating a safe space and knowing that there is no one size fits all approach. Each client that allows me to play this part in their journey deserves an individual approach.


My energy and soul comes to life when given the platform and opportunity to share my journey through story-telling, interactive exercises, and profound life lessons within the personal & corporate areas of my life. My journey has no boundaries and can influence people from all walks of life whether they are an entrepreneur, professional, or dreamer. My core areas of speaking include topics like resilience, mental health optimization, happiness, self love, and reprogramming your mind for success.

Corporate Training

With over 20+ years of experience in the Human Resources and Business Management world I have developed a no-nonsense approach to coaching professionals and organizations. I empower business owners, boards, employees, and prospects in learning the traits & tools of: outstanding customer service, leading teams, managing up, accountability, setting goals, succession planning, hiring, training, recruiting, developing staff, HR policies, procedures and how to implement, employee buy-in, data analysis taken to the next level, teams to be agile and flexible and move from a fear-based work environment. While I am very versed on HR hot topics (retention, smart-goals, technology, recruiting, employee relations, benefits, change management and diversity) I feel the standard blanket approach with presentations and basic hope no longer works. Through story-telling, interactive exercises and an energetic approach I engage, enhance and excel your workplace while touching each individual’s lives and empowering them to make true changes within. We will envision, execute and achieve, through think-tanks, experiences, self-accountability and proper follow-up. Let’s make the impossible possible.

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1-on-1 Call To Help You Rediscover Your Confidence.

Do you feel stuck? Over a 20-minute digital coffee, let's clarify exactly where you are, whats holding you back, and strategize a plan to get you moving forward as soon as possible. Apply for a free 1-on-1 clarity call.