Take Out The Trash – Ring In The New Year By Leaving These 10 Things In 2019 To Live The Life You Were Always Destined For in 2020.

It’s the end of 2019 and there is a buzz within the air. A chill of excitement and anticipation as gatherings commence to bring in the New Year.  There will be so many moments to capture and live; without regrets, without second guessing. It’s time to taste life in the year 2020 and bring out the most beautiful, creative and best version of you.  The world is ignited with a passion that is vibrating through the souls of all that walk it. It is time to shine and be the electrified energy you were meant to be.   Gold is glittering in the wings of tomorrow and it's time to fly free with the manifested dreams we held onto.  Actions are the way of 2020 and to get there, here are ten things you must leave behind in 2019 to be the glowing energy creating infinity. 


Do not fear the unknown and stay stagnate, even miserable in your current situations.  I fell into this myself and felt that being comfortable was a better option then stepping into the unknown because it made me fearful.  Fear is 2019 baggage and needs to be taken out with the trash. Fear is what is stopping you from pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible.  Fear raises those burning questions in us that keep us cemented to our current status quo. Fear is the ceiling you placed above your goals and dreams. Do not be afraid to fuck up. It’s time to break that ceiling and open up to the sky above.  We are limitless, you are, I am and it’s time to soar.

That One Who Got Away

No one got away it was the universe working in your path to move you in the right direction.  Hanging on to that lost love, the one who broke your heart or even the one who didn’t acknowledge your existence is like putting superglue to your heart and placing it back in time to the date you met this person.  You are draining your energy and unable to open up and accept love as it flows within your journey. It is time to make peace with the past and the ones who were in it. 2020 is the year to learn the art of letting go.

Processed Foods

All of them! They are dragging you down, making you addicted and adding little to no value to the vehicle you’ve been given to showcase to the world, your body.  Processed foods are filled with sugars and additives that actually hurt the process of burning energy (calories). It is time to take baby-steps in eliminating them from your diet.  I use the 80/20 rule. Try and do whole foods 80% of the time and you can have things you may crave the other 20%. Make an effort to show your body how much you love it as you ring in the New Year.

Fad Diets

Macros in to macros out, keto, fasting and the list goes on and on.  Wellness is not a one size fits all way of being. It is important to truly understand your body, what makes you feel good, what makes you not feel good and truly stop obsessing about food.  In 2020 it is the time to take control back of your life and not be a slave to meals. If you want to really make it simple use the method of calories in to calories out. It is that simple! Don’t over complicate your life because you already have a ton of things to worry about anyways food doesn’t need to be one of them.

Quit That Job

YES! Make a plan and do it.  Why are you going to stay unhappy in a place where you have to be easily half of your life or more.  You always have options even if you may feel like you don’t. The key is to get out of your own head.  Start exploring possibilities and during this exploration you can maintain your current work until you feel more secure about what those possibilities can be.  What are you passionate about? How can you make that passion scalable? In 2020 the motto is to not stay stuck. You deserve happiness and a life worth living.

Enter A Relationship

Even if you’re already in one, it is time to have another one.  You heard me right. In 2020 it is time to enter a relationship with yourself.  You need to leave all the negative talk back in 2019 and get to know who you are today.  Take time with yourself, learn your passions, your pet peeves, what calms you and any other thing you would want to know in a relationship.  It is time that you learn, love and explore all things that are you.

Own Your Own Bullshit

Stop making excuses for why or what you are doing.  It is time you own your own bullshit. I had to do this during this last year and it was truly freeing.  I accepted all my mistakes and negative things I’ve done and I stopped making excuses for my behavior. If things didn’t feel right it was because of me.  If things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go it was because of me. I stopped allowing myself to stay in a space of excuses. I realized I am a being, a beautiful light that is balanced with negative and positive energies.  I must accept them both to be whole. When I say accepting, it means facing, growing and learning. The hardest person I had to learn to be honest with was myself and in 2020 being honest with yourself is number one on the list of things to do.


Dance, hike, laugh and love your life.  I want you to move and explore the world around you.  If you can’t make it to the gym that is fine find something that you enjoy to get your heart pumping and your health moving into full gear.  Moving your body will ignite chemicals that increase happiness and wellness. So, get out there and move, enjoy and embrace mind, body and soul.

Be You

Do you know that being you is your superpower?  No one can do that, no one can emulate that and no one can achieve it.  You are unique, uncommon and organic. The way you laugh to the way you think is put together by past moments forming together like puzzle pieces to a masterpiece.   The good the bad all of it has created who you are and given you this beautiful life that is right now and moving you into the new year. Comparing ourselves to others lives is 2019 baggage.  The new vibe and way are to show the you inside. Show the person you are destined to be and rise to the occasion because this life is your party to showcase and memorize everyone in your journey.

Fall In Love

Like a romantic love story 2020 is the time to fall in love with your life again.  Connect and embrace the people and things around you. Be present in each moment and know that it is in this moment that life is truly being lived.  Let go of the past and feel excited about the future but stay keen to the reality of now. The purpose of life is just this, it is in this moment, it IS this moment because we are living.  This year there will be no wasting the now or the moment of the present. It is time to feel alive, to dance in the space of our mesmerizing now and love every second of it.

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