The number one excuse I hear from most people who try and eat healthy is that it is too expensive.  Now I am not here to say that eating healthy is cheap because it CAN be very expensive. However so can eating unhealthily.  I always laugh when I am out and I will spend $50.00 plus on a meal that is completely disastrous for my health journey but I am not willing to spend the amount it says on a pound of cherries.  You see I fall into the same line of thinking often. A lot of why I thought or think this way is because I wanted to validate the reasons that I wasn’t taking action to eat well. If I said it was too expensive guess what, it validated my reasons.  So I went on a hunt for ways of eating healthy and staying within a budget. This is what I found:

Take The Guess Work Out of Eating On A Budget

I was shopping at higher end grocery stores, even at Walmart the prices to eat well weren’t as economically conducive to my goal as I was hoping.  This is when I decided to think outside the box. Most cities have stores such as: Dollar Store or Aldi. If you don’t have any of those begin to research discount grocery stores.  Leave the ego at the door and enjoy the savings that you can have when shopping at any of these stores.

Where To Look

Places like Aldi have produce so it is a great option especially for those who follow a strict diet.   The Dollar Store is much harder to figure out how to eat good at so I have put together a video to show you my adventure at the dollar store and how to eat healthy on a budget. 

Five Tips

  1. Always look for veggies (frozen, canned or fresh).
  2. Always get some fruits to help cravings of sugar.
  3. Look at the ingredients (if you can’t say a word try and find something that you can say everything listed in the ingredients). 
  4. Don’t be afraid of trying new things.  
  5. Protein sources can be (canned tuna, nuts, seeds and beans).