My Story

We all have a story and mine started from the moment I opened my brown eyes. My childhood was not necessarily the easiest. I grew up with a mother who mentally, emotionally and physically abused my brothers and I. My father was deployed the majority of the time working hard in the military, which lead me to move every year or so. While at the time this seemed horrible, I realize nowadays that moving so often paved the way for the qualities of understanding, acceptance and love. As you can imagine my childhood left me with scars.  These scars left me in constant survival mode. This coping mechanism kept me alive however it also eventually lead me to be: in a gang, pregnant at 17, a drop-out, jail, married and divorced.  The trauma didn’t end there as my mother and I cut ties only to end with her dying of cancer.  The most heartbreaking thing that occurred was my brother committing suicide. Adversity didn't necessarily play nice, however I decided long ago that I would not be defined by my situation and this is where my story started. I took a hard look at my life and all the times I had fallen and picked myself back up.  I realized that I wasn’t programmed just for survival, I was programmed to thrive.  I began to understand myself, embracing self-love, self-awareness and most importantly self-acceptance.  It took all these moments in my life to create the human soul I am today and a person I am proud of.  You see, while I am not thankful for the situations that occurred, I AM thankful for the resilience I was forced to develop.  Nowadays, I can confidently say that I am resilient to anything that comes my way and I am not sure if I could have gained that perspective if I had walked a different journey. By grace, I went from a drop-out to having a Masters in Mental Health Counselling.  I took my pregnancy as a blessing and stopped the cycles of abuse that plagued my family for generations. My daughter, Madyson is my angel and our relationship is built on love, trust and respect. Jail brought clarity to my life, it allowed me to stop making excuses for my actions, grow and learn from them.  The gang I was in for four years taught me to never settle for something that is broken to fix a void – equating to self-love.  Divorce taught me humility and how to self-analyze. The suicide of my brother taught me kindness and the death of my mother taught me not take any moment for granted. Afterwards, I broke many societal norms becoming extremely successful in Human Resources and the corporate arena. I have been in the field for over 20 years now and have presented on change management, culture, fundamentals and overall HR practices. I am no longer a statistic, I am no longer a victim, nor a survivor, I am a whole person. I have finally realized my potential is limitless. You see, the most valuable thing I can offer to anyone is my experiences. I have fallen and fallen only to pick myself up and become a better version of myself. I have no fear of the unknown and hope to help others make the impossible possible through breaking through the limits of their own mind. I’ve never been more excited in my life and my story doesn’t end here; I am ready to make YOU part of my next chapter.  Let’s create, connect and conquer this journey together.