I would love to sit here and say nope I never get mad because I have learned how to control that emotion.  Well for the most part that is true, however I have found myself at times unable to control the energy inside me when I get angry.  It was because of these times I took it upon myself to figure out a way to shift that energy into a positive way of improving myself.  When I feel anger, it is like a kettle on a burner ready to pop. The energy within me rises and I can feel it lift through my body like a powerful trail of smoke.  If I chose not to do anything with that energy it would be stored within my body and cause havoc on my mind, body and soul. If I release that energy and let my emotions of anger guide it, I may say or do something I regret at a later date.  So, what does that leave me with? Well I have learned that energy is just that energy and if I take that energy (negative or positive) and turn it inwards I am able to use it to my advantage instead of disadvantage.

The Moment

There was a moment just recently I got very upset. I felt this fire of anger rise within me and I knew I needed to address it.  The thing that I have learned through many situations is that the energy of anger or sadness is some of the best when trying to improve myself.  What I mean by that is when I am angry, I need to take myself out of the situation and move into the space of my passion. The passion that I always move to is working out, however it could be any passion: learning a new language, reading, writing, art or anything else that ignites a fire within you.  I take that energy and I push myself to release it in a way that is not only getting the emotions out but also improving my overall health.

Anger is Energy

I know I keep saying it but anger is energy.  It is that simple to describe. Once I am able to take that energy and make it productive in my life, I have conquered any negative influence that energy may have on my decisions or emotions.  I use working out but I encourage anyone to figure out what their passion is and anytime they are angry, upset or just have an out of ordinary amount of energy they need to release that they focus on what their passion is and go do it.  Don’t wait, there is no need, that energy is there at that moment and can excel you to the next step of being the shining star you are.

My Time-out

What this also did was allow me time to revaluate the situation that got me upset, almost like a time-out.  I can think clearly about what happened, why it happened and if I need to change something. I am a huge believer in stepping away from situations that get me upset or angry until I can manage my words or actions correctly.  I hear a lot of people say to do that but no one really ever says what to do with that energy after you step away. The key is to remember energy doesn’t die it just shifts, so shift it into something positive. Don’t let this life pass you by because of missing out on opportunities to improve yourself.  Every time I am faced with the energy of anger, I view it as a time to improve something within me and that has helped me move past many obstacles that have been put in my way.