Self-discovery is such a journey.  It moved me through spaces in my mind that opened my heart to magical moments.  The soul’s path or journey has been something I am very intrigued with in the past few years.  I have meditated, read and even spoken with people who have mastered the state of energy balance and processes.  Through this journey I had one friend ask me a profound question, “What is the soul?” I was stumped, how do you define something so magnificent and luminous?

Got Me Thinking

While this got me thinking of what a soul is, I was brought to a point of questioning how we express our soul.  I realized that our bodies, my body, was a paintbrush to the world we live in. Since my body was the paintbrush it meant the world was my canvas.  I am a creator of my own world and my own expression that I wish others to see.

My Body The Paint Brush

Our bodies are paint brushes to our souls and the world. You know I am sad because I am crying, you know I am happy because I am smiling.  My body is a tool to express the emotions of my soul to the world. What a beautiful moment it was that I realized this. If I am a paint brush for my soul to express itself to the world then I wanted to take good care of myself.  I wanted to treat myself better and value this tool that my soul has been blessed with.

What I Focused On

  1. Eating better – whole foods, proper calories. 
  2. Sleeping better – turning off my phone and any distractions, listening to soft music and getting eight hours of sleep.
  3. Moving more – whether it was the gym, dancing or walking on the beach giving my heart some love through movement.
  4. Mind love – reading and writing to push the limits of my mind.
  5. Meditation – to reflect and find peace.

The Moment

There is only one you and that is your superpower and we are paintbrushes building a world of beautiful colors, ideas and creations.  Our soul is reflected through our bodies and I don’t know about you but that makes me want to cherish this body more and more every moment of every day. 

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