Manifest anything you want and you will get it.  If you see yourself already there then it is yours.  Have you heard these things before? I have over and over again and trust me I believe in those words whole-heartedly however; manifesting is just a piece of achieving that life you always desired.  I manifested, had a vision board, meditated and put the words into existence and NOTHING was happening. I truly believe in the spirit of my soul, the energy of the universe and the power of my mind but I couldn’t get the law of attraction to move its magic within the boundaries of my life.  The reason was I wasn’t taking responsibility for what I was manifesting.

It’s A Piece Of the Puzzle

There was a moment I realized that I was using manifesting as the total package of my journey.  I wasn’t taking responsibility for the energy I was manifesting. To take responsibility meant I needed to put in the work so the universe could move with me and not vice versa of me moving with the universe.  When I sat down and realized that no one but me could utilize the tools that were being presented to me I changed my view on manifesting. The old adage of you can give a man a fish and feed him for one day or you can teach a man to fish and he can feed himself forever was ringing within my ears.  I realized that the universe was opening up and offering me ways of creating what I was manifesting but I was waiting for someone to hand me the fish.

Take Action

I realized I needed to manifest AND take action towards that manifesting (goal) or it wasn’t going to move me into the place of achieving the life that I wanted to build.  Manifesting is just part of the journey but my actions where the second piece of the puzzle. The universe opened and closed doors for me but I had to go through them if I was going to get to the blissful achievement that started as my vision.

Manifesting As A Reward

Once I realized that there was a journey to get to my final goal, I began to use manifesting as a reward.  Without the discipline to do the work, manifesting was just a dream and I was waiting for something to fall from the sky and land in my lap.  I have a vision and manifest the best life possible now but I also realize I am a creator of that life. To create means to put in the work to get to that final painting or point. 

We Are Creators

Manifesting is a piece in the creation of your souls’ journey and you are the creator of that manifestation.  It’s time to go be the best version of YOU!

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